Let's go for a double-whammy of the romance tropes: friends to lovers and the fake relationship

Growing up, Mina has always held a torch for her brother's best friend Jerry. In recent years, they've grown apart, and that torch has nearly burned down to an ember.
Until one day, Jerry turns up on her doorstep. He needs her help, and she's only too happy to help. They manage to fool their families and Mina starts to hope that fantasy can turn to reality, but can a relationship built on lies last the distance?

extra trope-y note-ys:
Jerry's reason for picking Mina has to be good, because it has to weather the "don't date my sister"
For over complicated troperation, Jerry can be a newly-single dad who needs the relationship to gain/keep custody of the kid
bonus points for a one-night stand before they grow apart that both decide to never mention again because they think the other isn't interested
super bonus points if one or the other is trying to make an ex jealous

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