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I'm a pretty lowkey shipper. I don't read much relationship-based fanfic, trawl for fanart, post any headcanons or imagines, complain loudly on Twitter about my noTPs. This doesn't mean that I'm not a shipper. My very first 'grown-up' tv show was Star Trek: TNG and I distinctly remember getting annoyed that Troi and Riker weren't married yet, despite being totally in love. I can't have been more than 10.

I'll admit I haven't yet seen the new Avengers movie. I'll also admit I went spoiler hunting on TVTropes. Finally, I'll admit that Clintasha have been one of my OTPs.

Yeah, you can guess where I'm going from this. SPOILER: Clintasha the ship has been sunk pretty conclusively, and in its place floats happily married family man Clint, and Brutasha.
In some ways, I'm gutted. I really like the idea of the 'non-supers' hooking up after facing death back-to-back. Budapest. The arrow necklace. 'Compromised". On the other hand, I think I can handle Clintasha as an BroTP: best buddies, lone agents of death whose list of trusted people begins with the other, fire-forged friends, and totally platonic. Hawkeye is happy, Natasha is Aunty Nat and not jealous.
I'm having a bit more trouble with Brutasha. It's like they picked the single most unlikely character not in a relationship. He genuinely scared her due to the Hulk. Her, the super-spy-assassin of death. I'm hoping they go a bit more comic-compliant and hook her up with Bucky (BlackWinter, anyone?)
(on a side note, Evans and Renner called her character a slut in an interview as a joke, which was totally uncalled for, and while Evans issued a sincere apology, Renner basically said "sorry if you got offended" which is not an apology at all and this makes me upset)

I consoled my poor shipper's heart with a look through #Clintasha on Tumblr and found denial, Whedonhate, and a few interesting points.
People got annoyed at the discussion of Brutasha v Clintasha v Romanogers v etc and wanted to know why she needed a romantic subplot at all (because she doesn't get her own movie at all, that's why), or said that the romance made her more one-dimensional. I can't really comment until seeing the movie, but as the audience you can comment on the romantic aspects of a character without betraying the rest of their personality, right?
Others told off Clintasha shippers for getting upset with the movie as a whole due to one little part. Personally, I'm having doubts about goingto see this movie because I know that something I liked WAS BLOWN TO PIECES AND BURNT TO THE WATERLINE. I know it's not a big part of the movie. But it's going to hurt.

I guess the point of this late night super long first post is that sometimes we place more emotion into a thing than we think, and that it's ok to be upset when things you like, for one reason or another, no longer likeable in the same way.

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