Sunday, September 13th, 2015

A radio station in NZ just ran a promotion where two strangers get married after talking once on air and meeting once while masked. This is the fourth time they have run this promotion, and it surprised me that all three previous relationships are still going strong. That little romantic part in me just got so happy when I heard that.

It also went into imagination overdrive. I mean, strangers getting married??? As a romance trope, I don't think it gets better than this. It's like the arranged marriage but modern, or the fake marriage but total strangers.

In short, I think it would make a fantastic novel. First comes the wedding, and then come the falling in love.

Of course, the sequels are where it gets super troperiffic. After the original We're Married, Let's learn To Live Together, you get
  • Our Crazy Friends Just Got Married But I Hate You (But You're Hot)
  • You Broke My Heart And Now We're Married (with optional side of Did I Just Become Stepdad To My Own Child?)
  • Your Sibling Is The One That Got Away (I Never Noticed You Noticing Me)
  • This Isn't Working So I'll Help You Win Back Your Ex (possibly combined with This Isn't Working So I'll Help You Net The Object Of Your Unrequited Love Since Forever)
if I ever write romances, this is totally going to be it (watch this space for absolutely nothing because I am that lazy hah)

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